Plan your shoot

What to Wear

Choosing what to wear can be one of the hardest parts of having a shoot !

So to make it a bit easier, here's my top tips...

1. Get clothes ready early, that way you can find the perfect piece to pull it all together, or just make sure everyone is wearing pants haha.

2. Find a hero piece. Usually its Mums dress, shirt or favourite colour. Once you have that piece then you can pull colour tones from it for other family members to wear.

3. Piece it all together on the couch a few days before the shoot, this helps you see what works and what does not. Even get the shoes and socks, sandles and jewellery ready. That way on the day its all sat there ready to go. This will avoid last minute screams of ...Mum i cant find my shoes !

4. Get a good sleep the night before, and if little ones still take naps, make sure baby is well rested

5. Come to the shoot with a full tummy and a drink for when your finished. Nothing says "temper tantrum" for little ones like a hungry tummy

6. Bring something that tells your story - It may be a skateboard, bucket n spade or a favourite toy. Its always good to have them in your shoot. The family dog always makes for awesome shots, just remember you need to let the photographer know, and be there early to run some of the excitement off.

7. Bribes are sometimes GOLD - If you know your little one will produce their best smile with a little encouragement ... feel free to bring whatever works !

example 1
example 2